nivo nivo nivo


Video performance



The play explores the induced vomit as part of a cleansing ritual, vocal technique of the Amazonian culture that involves expulsing what hurts us. The video performance combines this ethnic technique with lyric scales where the vomit helps to open the oral cavity to achieve a wide and deep sound, the lyric notes contrast and deconstruct a culture.

The musical scales are part of the voice preparation the same as the vomit that prepares the internal vocal structure, is an intimate exercise that analyzes sounds faced to the body and its ethnic. The performance emphasizes this technique to show a reality, the oil spill in the Amazonian region, the vomit also as a condition and destruction symptom finding an analogy between a vanished identity and a deteriorating ecosystem.


Developed inside the Laboratory “Body to Body” (Cuerpo a Cuerpo) La Multinacional
Photographs: Fausto Villalba, Edison Cáceres
Quito, Ecuador


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