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VOCAL TECHNIQUE (2014 version)


“Antropoemia vs. Antropofagia, the expulsion and annihilation of the Others vs. the assimilation and forced absorption”. Lévi-Strauss.


It is a version of the worked realized on 2011 under the same title.

The play is an intimate vocal exercise that combines vomit with melodic scales.

The vomit in the ethnic culture is part of a shamanic cleansing ritual, and in the vocal technique of lyric singing it produces the right vocal aperture to project the wide sound that activates the resonators.

The expulsion of the lyric voice follows in ascending order a melodic sequence and is alternated with the violent spasmodic expulsion of the enemy.


12th International Biennial of Cuenca
Curator: Jacopo Crivelli, Manuela Moscoso.
Photographs: Johanna Muñoz, Estefanía Santos.
Modern Art Museum (Museo de Arte Moderno). Cuenca Ecuador.


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