nivo nivo nivo nivo


Video performance 2’44’’



The chemical composition of water is converted in melody, this is made by the conversion of numeric proportions of the chemical components to hertz, and the musical piece was performed with one voice inside a reservoir of rain water from the XIX century now a days known as La Olla del Panecillo, it is located in a natural elevation of 3.000 meters above sea level located in the Old Town of Quito.

The performance rebuilds the functionality of a space and explores its historic memory; the place was used for the recollection of rain water that was destined to the irrigation of the sown fields of the Bellavista mansion during the Spanish dominance, afterwards it was used as a location of defense from the colonial troops during the battle of Pichincha, on May 24th 1822. The tank or underground cistern build of bricks has a circular shape of 8 meters deep; it is a material legacy that shows the different methods of recollection of the vital liquid over time adapted to the topographical and socio historical needs of a city.


Within the framework of the showing “Liquid The City and The Memory” (Liquid La Ciudad y La Memoria)
Curator: Hernán Pacurrucu
Water Museum (Museo del Agua YAKU), Quito, Ecuador.


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