nivo nivo nivo nivo




Approximately 4’, two repetitions



Gallo despescuezado  is a popular practice in the area of Limoncillo, town located in the Ecuadorian coast. This tradition is performed in the celebration of the Virgin of the Merced and consist in covering up a rooster till the neck and one by one the comuneros try to cut its head with a machete, the one that achieves it  takes the rooster and replace it next year.


The performer imitates the rooster and covered till the neck sings the urgent needs of the town, phrases that were previously dictated by the settlers. The work emerges when facing this parallelism found between the rooster and the community that mentioned persistently their problems and needs.


Performed inside the residency “Only with Nature, Limoncito 2008” (Solo con Natura) 
Curator: María Fernanda Cartagena
Photography: Javier Lazo
Guayaquil, Ecuador


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